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  • Cybersecurity Foundations

Registration, Day 1 Configuration and Best Practices

Onboarding and Initial Configuration
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Live Events
  • Welcome to Palo Alto Networks

    We’re delighted to have you join a worldwide community of security professionals who rely on Palo Alto Networks® to prevent cyber breaches. 

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  • Registration

    Before you can get started with your new products and subscriptions, you must first register as a customer in the Customer Support Portal (CSP). Joining the CSP gives you access to device registration and management, case creation and management, and...

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  • Day 1 Configuration

    Learn how you can simplify your setup by reviewing product QuickStart Guides, and running a Day 1 Configuration template in your initial deployment,

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  • Best Practices

    The following resources are the official documentation for all Palo Alto Networks products, designed to help administrators, DevSecOps, and other IT professionals understand the problems our products solve and how to deploy them. 

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